3-Day Skin Tones

for Beginner Oil Painters


Tina Garrett









9am to 4pm Daily

Mary Hull,  972-394-6111

$ 475  - Sorry, this class is Full

 Beginner and up


February 15, 16 & 17, 2019

Hull Art Academy

1404 W. Hebron Parkway #100,

Carrollton, Texas 75010

outside of Dallas


Sorry, this class is Full





Hull Art Academy is excited to host “3-Day Skin Tones for Beginner Oil Painters” with ARC Associate Living Master, Tina Garrett. Tina started oil painting in 2012 and shares with her students the practical methods she uses in her award-winning portraiture to help artists make the best paintings they’ve ever made. Tina is a two-time ARC Salon Purchase Prize Winner, three-time Oil Painters of America Online Showcase awardee, an International Artist Magazine People & Figures Grand Prize winner and a proud Cecelia Beaux Forum Mentor for the Portrait Society of America.


Student Testimonial:

“The most informative workshop I've been to. You're the most 'giving you all I've got' artist/teacher I've known — and your honesty is a virtue that is so important to me! I have been in a painting slump for a few months and much of what you said really encouraged me, now I'm very inspired and motivated to go home and DO THE WORK!”  — Debi Murray, Indiana





Discover the starting method that will take your work to new heights! From both life and photos, Tina will demonstrate three oil painting starting methods including open grisaille, accurate color wash and Tina’s favorite, selective start. Each morning Tina will demonstrate and lecture. Each afternoon, Tina will work one-on-one with every artist as they paint from the live model on days one and two, and from photos on the third day.


Learn to see and simplify values, create form, and understand edges and chroma to control your composition and create dramatic portraiture. Tina will teach you how to organize your palette to mix realistic colors, values, and temperatures for different skin types.


Tina’s goal is to be as generous with her knowledge as possible, walking each student through the concepts so when artists leave her workshops they are able to take their own painting to new heights. All levels welcome!







Suggested Supply List


The Hull Art Academy does have a fine art supply store and will have all of the colors available to purchase.  Brands may vary, call for more information.


Workshop participants will receive 15% discount on all art purchases from the academy.


Canvas: 3 16x20 inch lead or oil primed canvases. The size is not critical, so if 16x20 doesn’t fit in your luggage, buy something slightly smaller. I like 12x12’s too. Just no tiny or gigantic canvases. We are aiming for a typical head and shoulders portrait. Absolutely NO ACRYLIC/GESSO PRIMED CANVAS. Please buy the smooth textured canvas made for portrait painting using the link below (or an equivalent oil or lead primed substrate.) You can also reuse a good canvas throughout the workshop by wiping off at the end of the day. To save on luggage weight, I’ll bring a small roll of unstretched canvas and one panel and roll of tape and simply cut my canvas to fit my panel and tape it to the panel. As brands vary from country to country, any portrait grade oil or lead primed canvas you have access to is fine. If you are able to order from America, portrait quality linen from is perfect. search double primed linen OR this less expensive canvas panel made by Centurion Deluxe is affordable and great for learning: Link Here.


Brushes: Tina’s Brush Set is available through Rosemary & Co. Brushes of England. Visit and search Tina Garrett in the search window. The complete set costs about $125 and in the web shop, you can remove brushes you may already have or add to the quantity of those you’d like to buy more of. I recommend you consider purchasing three of each of the 331 Combers in all sizes, long handles…they are my staple and three of each will allow you to assign one for each value. I have several sets available to purchase during the workshop for your convenience, they are $120.00 a set.


Paint: Use whatever brand you prefer except DO NOT BUY STUDENT GRADE, student grade is terrible paint. (These three brands are reliable and affordable: Winsor & Newton, Gamblin or Rembrandt.) Please do not feel obligated to buy all the paint on this list.



•Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt)

•Ultramarine Blue Deep (Gamblin)

•Kings Blue (Rembrandt)

•Phthalo Turquoise (Rembrandt)

•Cadmium Orange Deep (Gamblin)

•Cadmium Yellow Deep (Winsor & Newton)

•Cadmium Red Medium (Winsor & Newton)

•Quinacridone Magenta (Winsor & Newton)

•Green Gold (Gamblin)

•Permanent Mauve (Winsor & Newton)

•Yellow Ochre (Gamblin or Utrecht)

•Winsor Yellow (Winsor & Newton)

•Transparent oxide yellow (Rembrandt)

•Indian Yellow (Winsor & Newton)

•Indian Yellow Deep (Winsor & Newton)

•Titanium White (Gamblin or Winsor & Newton)


Other Supplies:

•Odor free solvent (I use Gamsol by Gamblin.)

•Solvent jar

•Paper Towels (Scott Blue Shop Towels is what I use)

•A plastic grocery sack or trash bag for your trash

•Palette knife/SMALL Diamond shaped head. (No plastic. Not large. •Small diamond metal with wood handle please.)

•Palette (I use a large 1/4 inch, beveled, non-tempered, glass palette bought at any glass repair shop inside my STRADA and I also have a New Wave)(If you only have a tiny palette you will struggle)

Flat razor blade for palette clean up if like me, you have a glass palette

•A smart Phone, iPad or digital camera

•A print of your image you would like to paint from, at least 8x10 in color OR your image on your iPad or Laptop to paint from. NOTE, I will provide an image for you if your image is not the right quality.


H Frame easels and side tables are provided.



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Workshop Refund Policy: No refunds can be issued within 30 Days of workshop date, unless canceled by Hull Art Academy. In order to avoid payment loss, It is strongly advised that participants purchase trip insurance.



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