Five Day Painting The Portrait From Life



David Jon Kassan









9AM – 4PM daily

Mary Hull

$ 850



Monday – Friday May 7 – 11, 2018

Hull Art Academy

1404 W. Hebron Parkway #100,

Carrollton, Texas 75010


The focus of this course will be on advanced life painting methods to investigate the underlying rhythm, expression and emotion of the modern portrait. Students will work to develop clarity of vision that is essential for accurate observation; learning to focus on what is in front of us without being overwhelmed. Through this intensive observation students will explore the uniqueness of individual features and their relationship to each other as part of a coherent whole. An emphasis will be placed on understanding the structure of the model, as well as the artist’s analysis and interpretation. All questions will be answered both visually, as well as verbally. The majority of this workshop’s instruction will be one-on-one coaching, in order to help diagnose any stumbling blocks that students may have. Students will execute preliminary drawings before moving on to full-scale oil paintings. Instruction will include discussion of practical technical information on different paint qualities, pigments, palette, mediums, and paint supports. This will be an intensive painting practicum with a concentration on the artist in whole. Students will be challenged to develop a strong foundation from which to explore and evolve.


David Kassan studied painting and art history at Syracuse University, the Art Students League of New York, and the National Academy School of Fine Art. He has lectured at many schools around the country including Savannah College of Art and Design, PAFA, Rochester Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, Western Illinois University, Syracuse University, the National Academy School of Fine Art, and the University of Alabama. He has taught at the National Academy School of Fine Art, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, the Salmagundi Club and at the 72nd Street Studio. Mr. Kassan has conducted many international painting seminars, including workshops in Iceland, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Spain. He has been a contributor to many different art publications, including a two-year column in Drawing Magazine on the topic of understanding anatomy. David Kassan is currently represented by Gallery Henoch. For more information, please visit







parallelPALETTE | Vertical Paint Mixing System

Oil Colors (my current list paints that I use, this is a full list)

Vasari Flake White

Corcoran’s Titanium White

Corcoran’s Fake White

Michael Harding Stack Lead White

Vasari Rosebud

Vasari Video Blue Extra Pale

Vasari Rousseau Green Extra Pale

Vasari Brilliant Yellow Light

Holbein Foundation Greenish

Michael Harding Unbleached Titanium

Michael Harding Lamp Black

Michael Harding Ultramarine Blue

Vasari Kings Blue Light

Michael Harding Lapis Lazuli

Vasari Terre Verte Cool

Vasari Cinnabar Green Light

Vasari Ruby Red

Vasari Permanent Bright Red

Michael Harding Brilliant Pink

Cadmium Yellow Orange

Vasari Yellow Ochre

Vasari Raw Sienna

Vasari Capucine Red Light

Burnt Sienna

Vasari Red Umber

Burnt Umber

Raw Umber

Optics (visual list, Pinterest)

Binoculars – Close Focusing Pentax – 62215 – Pentax 62215 6.5 X 21mm Papilio


Full Brush Set from Rosemary and Co Brushes

Isabey Brush Series 6227Z Kolinsky Round 2

Raphaël Kevrin Mongoose Brush Filbert 12

Painting Mediums

Corcoran’s CKM Medium – My impasto medium that I developed with Dave Corcoran.

Winsor & Newton Liquin Original Medium 250ml (3239751)

M. Graham 4-Ounce Walnut/Alkyd Medium

W&N Liquin Oleopasto Alkyd Medium 200Ml


Easels and art horses are provided but may what to bring own travel easel.




FALL Semester II:  NOV 4 - Dec 21, 2019

Winter Semester:  Jan 6 - Feb 22, 2020

Spring I:   Feb. 24 - April 18, 2020

Spring II:   April 20 - June 6, 2020

Summer:   June 8 - Aug. 1, 2020

Fall I:    Aug. 3 - Sept. 19, 2020

Fall II:   Sept. 21 - Nov 7, 2020

Mini Winter session: Nov 9 - Dec. 19, 2020

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1404 W. Hebron Parkway #100, Carrollton, Texas 75010